The Science of Thicker, Fuller Hair for Women

Developed by a woman for women

Created by Candace Thornton Spann, MD
Board Certified Dermatologist and Hair Loss Specialist

ReTress is an all-natural 4 step system that uses a proprietary combination of active ingredients to nourish and stimulate the hair follicle, promoting thicker, fuller hair in women. Its patented Tri-Peptide Complex is designed to support natural blood flow to the scalp & help anchor the hair to the follicle.

95% of women reported thicker, fuller hair while using ReTress

Timeline - Most ReTress users progress on a typical timeline  

By Week 4

Shedding is dramatically reduced

By Week 8

Rejuvenation begins

By Week 12

Visual improvement in density

By Week 16

Others notice your thicker fuller hair

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The ReTress Hair Rejuvenation System works best when all of the products are used together. The kit contains all of the identical, full size products given to the clinical study participants.

  • Shampoo - designed to calm irritation on the scalp, using a blend of essential oils
  • Conditioner - for restoring dry, brittle, and tangled hair
  • Serum - helps the follicle and supports natural anchoring of the hair
  • Supplements - plays a key role in supporting healthy hair and hair growth

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The Science of Hair Loss for Women

The cause of hair loss is different for women

Most products on the market are designed for men. The ReTress system specifically addresses many of the factors leading to women’s thinning hair:

Nutritional deficiencies, hormones, autoimmune disease, thyroid, crash dieting, normal aging, stress, genetics, styling practices, childbirth

1 in 2 women will experience hair loss

By the time most women seek a solution for thinning hair, they have already lost 50% of their hair.

Don’t wait! ReTress can be used as a preventative to keep the scalp healthy—before trouble starts.

ReTress is designed specifically for women

100% minoxidil free
Made with natural ingredients
Sulfate free
Safe for permed hair
Safe for color treated hair
Contains no synthetic fragrance

The story behind ReTress

Here's what our clinical trial participants said...

"My husband was the first person to notice . . . And he just notices nothing. He said, boy your hair is looking really thick, you don't look like you're bald anymore. A lot of people have come up to me and said, your hair is looking really thick these days – and that’s made me feel really good."

Susan M.

"At the top of my hair you could just see through the part a lot, you could see more into the scalp. In my after shot the hair was thicker there was more of it, there was less of the part. To not worry about my hair on a daily basis is really big."

Charlene J.

"I’m very, very happy with the results. I feel more like Myself. I’m feeling that I, you know, that I don’t need to hide under hats and do all that kind of stuff anymore, because I’m very happy with what I see."

Paulette B.

Buy the individual system components

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Step 1 – Our ultra moisturizing shampoo is specially designed to calm irritation on the scalp, using a blend of essential oils.

It contains a patented and proprietary, ingredient complex to support natural blood flow to the scalp and support the normal anchoring of existing hair.

It contains no sulfates, so it may not lather, but it does an exceptional job of leaving hair clean, soft, and more manageable. It is safe for permed & color treated hair.

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Step 2 – Our conditioner is for restoring dry, brittle, and tangled hair – to further reduce breakage.

It helps to improve manageability and adds volume to tired, limp, hair.

Like the shampoo, it also contains the patented and proprietary active ingredient complex, as well as a blend of essential oils to strengthen and rejuvenate the hair.

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Step 3 – Our serum is the workhorse of the system.

The serum contains the patented biotin tripeptide complex that helps the follicle and supports natural anchoring of the hair. It also contains herbal soothers for an itchy or inflamed scalp.

Does not contain minoxidil.

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Step 4 – Our supplements contain high dose biotin, vitamin A, and zinc. Each of these vitamins plays a key role in supporting healthy hair and hair growth. Deficiency in these vitamins has been shown to be a factor in hair loss.